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Apart from the aesthetic point of view, the practical value of leather also nots allow to ignore, for example in about 1935 published the Miami jewelry jewelry and chain belt used in all the overlying skin, not only plays a role in protecting the wearing more comforjewelry. Designer aly to vegejewelrys for modelling designs a series of jewelry brooch, this a series of vegejewelrys jewelry, delicate and lovely, vegejewelrys of the stones deduction a lot after look more radiant and delicious color, let people salivating. Pony origami figure Hermes jewelry limited enamel jewelry Hermes jewelry specially designed launched Hermes Arceau Chevaux cocotte enamel jewelry based on geometric topics dial by rich layers of red gradient fill enamel craft, a group of ponies origami pattern.
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Global Limited Edition of four pieces of Click Clack H Quadrige jewelry with 18K Gold header, the surface is the whole enamel painting, without any jewelry inlaid. Mauritius is Asia's first foundry base, and now China is the world's center. quot;Why should it? The first is fresh lime color calfskin belt, as gently smell lemon fragrance, single or double circles, styles, angry for simple stainless steel case, add a bit lively.
Splint movement also to hand carved on the "woven leather decorative pattern, this creativity comes from the brand master leather saddle stitch sewing process, bridge jewelry for carving, both jump off the traditional decoration style, and highlights Hermes brand style, kill two birds with one stone. New Basel: Hermes new sports jewelry both from the equestrian world draw inspiration, have original circular jewelrycase, asymmetry of the stirrup jewelry ear and italicized Arabic numerals mark Arceau jewelry series, or is from setting sail in inspired by titanium metal materials for the clipper jewelry series, Hermes was the essence of sports, interpreted as a living art. A pocket Arceau Volutes is all hand carved jewelry cover has to spend 150 hours making, originality, uncompromising attention to detail, precious and extraordinary, is now rare.